Do you know someone who has experienced an injury to their lower body from a car accident? The legs, ankles, and feet are some of the most vulnerable parts of the body at risk of injury during a motor vehicle accident. 

In fact, it is reported that 37% of car accidents have caused lower extremity injuries (US Department of Transportation, NHTSA). Examples of these types of injuries include broken bones, torn meniscus, ACL injury, ligament injuries, and lacerations. The injuries can take many months to heal, so it’s important to start your road to recovery right away.

Below are three exercises Renew Physical Therapy has shared with patients who have suffered from a lower extremity injury after a car accident. Before performing these strengthening exercises, talk to a Renew physical therapist and ask if these exercises are right for you.


  1. Tracing the Alphabet: To build strength in your foot and ankle, sit on a chair and lift your injured foot off the ground. Pretend your big toe is a pencil and write the alphabet from A to Z. 
  2. Straight Leg Raise: In a semi-reclined position, keep a straight leg and lift it up slowly. Gradually bring your leg back down, while making sure there’s no bend in the knee, and repeat. This exercise strengthens your hip flexors and quadriceps.
  3. Side Lying Hip Abduction: Lie on your side on the floor. Keep the bottom leg bent, and raise your top leg (injured leg) while keeping your knee straight. Focus on lifting your heel to the ceiling. Slowly bring your leg down, and repeat.


If you are experiencing new or chronic symptoms, Renew Physical Therapy’s Crash Care program can help. Our team of highly skilled physical therapists provide a research-based approach to treating motor vehicle accident injuries.


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