Are we there yet? Long hours on the road can feel exhausting and may put a lot of stress and strain on your body. When you’re sitting in the car for hours at a time, it’s important that you practice proper body mechanics to prevent injuries.

Renew Physical Therapy shares a few tips to follow for proper body mechanics during a road trip:

  1. Correct Posture: To ensure you’re sitting in the correct posture, sit all the way back in your seat with your back straight. If needed, put a rolled-up towel against your back for extra support.
  2. Feet: While driving, your right foot should be extended straight to the pedal, with your left foot parallel and not back towards your seat.
  3. Knees: To put less pressure on your pelvis and lower spine, move your car seat forward to keep your knees level with your hips.
  4. Stay Hydrated: When traveling in the car during the summer heat, drink plenty of water to keep cool and avoid heat exhaustion.
  5. Take Breaks: Taking breaks to stretch helps to relieve tension and keeps your blood flowing after sitting in one position for too long. Renew Physical Therapy recommends that you get up and stretch every two hours at the nearest exit. While standing at a rest stop, do some neck rolls, swing your arms across your chest, and twist back and forth at your torso to stretch your body.


If you or someone you know has experienced a car-related injury, contact Renew Physical Therapy for a free consultation.

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