Have you or someone you know experienced a concussion from a motor vehicle accident? A concussion may occur during a car accident from receiving a blow to the head, or the brain being violently shaken from the force of impact. The brain can come into contact with your skull, causing a traumatic brain injury. In 2018 and 2019, motor vehicle crashes were responsible for 17% of all traumatic brain injury-related deaths in the United States (CDC).

If you or someone you know is experiencing a concussion or head injury from a motor vehicle accident, Renew Physical Therapy’s Balance and Vestibular program will treat you and safely guide you back to your daily activities.

Here is our approach to treating concussions and other head-related injuries:

  1. Discuss Your Symptoms: A physical therapist who is also a balance specialist will discuss your symptoms with you to assess and treat your specific concussion injuries.
  2. Screen for Balance and Vestibular Therapy: Our therapists use evidence-based tests to find the root cause of your balance problems and symptoms with balance and hand-eye coordination tests.
  3. Prescribed Exercises: Dizziness, persistent headaches, and difficulty concentrating are a few symptoms you can experience from a concussion. A Renew physical therapist will set you up with individualized exercises to help restore your balance and help alleviate your symptoms.
  4. Receive a Referral: If your concussion symptoms are long persisting, Renew Physical Therapy has a large network of trusted doctors and specialists we can refer you to.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a concussion or similar symptoms after a car accident, contact Renew Physical Therapy and ask us about our Balance and Vestibular therapy program.

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