Working at a desk job requires you to sit for extended periods of time, which can often lead to slouching and low blood circulation. It is important to pause, stand up, stretch, and get your blood flowing throughout the day.

Renew Physical Therapy shares five simple exercises and stretches that can be performed right at your work desk:

Spinal Twist: By twisting at your torso, the supporting muscles along your spine elongates and opens tight shoulders.

Standing Side Stretch: Stretching your obliques, shoulders, and arms helps to increase spinal mobility and relieve pain in between your shoulder blades. 

Neck Rolls: Slowly rolling your neck relaxes your neck muscles and can help with any discomfort and stiffness associated with neck strain.

Hamstring Stretch: Sitting at your desk every day can cause tightening in your hamstrings and reduce your range of motion. This exercise helps to increase blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue.

Wrist Flexor Stretch: Flexing your wrists when you’re typing, driving, or holding a phone can lead to achy, painful wrists. This gentle stretch can help ease the pain and decrease your risk of developing carpal tunnel.

If you experience any back injuries or persisting pain, receive quality care through our Manual Therapy program at Renew Physical Therapy.

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