Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints among people of all ages and occupations. When the nerve root or herniated disc is pinched, a condition called lumbar radiculopathy occurs, which can be both painful and self-limiting. By doing exercises and seeking hands-on therapy, you can lessen the pain and continue doing the activities you love. 

Renew Physical Therapy shares five exercises to prevent and relieve back pain:

  1. Hip Flexor Stretch: Back pain usually starts at the hips. This exercise helps you rotate your hips more effectively, increasing your flexibility and mobility.
  2. Quadriceps Stretch: Stretching your quadriceps, especially on the side that is most painful, increases your lumbar flexibility.
  3. Knees to Chest: By bringing your knees to your chest and holding, you give your back an opportunity to stretch out.
  4. Upward Dog: This common yoga pose warms up your back muscles and helps stretch out your chest.
  5. Plank: While working your back is important, strengthening your core with planks is known to reduce back pain. 

If you experience any back injuries or persisting pain, receive quality care through our Manual Therapy program at Renew Physical Therapy.

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