Renew’s SHIFT program is 1-on-1 fitness and strength training with a licensed therapist and strength and conditioning coach. SHIFT is a perfect way for Renew patients who have been discharged from physical therapy to continue their rehabilitation and movement journey. It is also available to anyone with past injuries who continues to have strength or mobility limitations and would like professional guidance. Training sessions are 45 minutes and take place at the clinic in our fully equipped gym.

SHIFT is a great fit for: 

  • Patients who want to continue their fitness and strength gains after they have graduated from physical therapy treatments.
  • Patients who have been rehabilitated from a work or sports injury but lack the confidence to jump back into the work or sport that they were doing when they suffered their injury. 
  • People who want to begin exercise or weightlifting, but past injuries or lack of experience prevent them from feeling comfortable or safe in a traditional gym.
  • People who have been sedentary and need to gain strength and develop the cardiovascular base required to take up a sport or begin a physically demanding job without injuring themselves. 
  • Competitive athletes of all ages who want to take their sport to the next level with 1-on-1 strength, fitness, and sports-specific training.

Getting back to your desired level of fitness after an injury or setback can be difficult. Having both a coach and a licensed therapist there to support you is the optimum strategy to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. SHIFT is a tool to provide you with individually designed workouts to achieve safe and effective training.  

Our therapist and SHIFT coach will track and measure your progress. Sometimes, the most important piece is encouragement. Renew offers this from the minute you walk in the door.  Whether your goal is improved health or return to work or a sport, Renew’s SHIFT program will get you there.  Call today for hourly rates and SHIFT appointment times or to schedule a free consult to see if SHIFT training is a good fit for you.