Great experience. It hurt to walk when I started but am walking out with no problem just 4 months later. Jeanette and Joe were fun to work with and developed a program that was challenging yet practical for someone with kids and a full time a job. Thanks!– Elizabeth

I came in with shoulder pain. Over the last 2 months Julie stretched and demonstrated various stretching exercises

I have performed 4-5 days a week which improved my shoulder range of motion and lessen the pain. Julie has been great! Thank you. — Carl

I came to renew with a sore right hip. Erin Peterson the PT person thought it was my back. After 2 sessions doing specific exercises at home the pain was gone. Then Erin showed me strengthening exercises to help correct & teach the muscles to perform better. I definitely can tell the difference in my leg. I have more strength and better balance. — Crista

I was worried that I was going to have surgery again Joe was great and his assessment was always thorough. It turned out that my back pain wasn’t just because of my back-it had to do with other muscles and joints as well. All of the at home exercises were worth it and I definitely saw a difference in my condition. I would definitely recommend-great front desk staff and great physical therapy. Plus, they were very careful to follow COVID protocol — Collin

When I came to Renew I was having trouble with my knee- I wasn’t sure what was wrong, but it hurt to go upstairs, to walk long distance, and even to run around and play with my kids. By working with me (and truly listening) and showing me exercises to strengthen my legs and hips, Tana helped me improve every week, and now I feel more like myself. I know what to do with my knees start to hurt. And I feel hopeful that I’ll continue to feel better. This has been a wonderful experience, and I’m so grateful to Tana and the whole team at Renew. — Heather

Thank you to everyone at renew-Zahra, the front desk team, everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Great care and people. Thanks for being in my neighborhood. — Thomas

I hurt my back wall lifting three months before the Covid lockdown. I spent 14 months in great pain, Getting only 2 to 3 hours of sleep at a time due to back and leg pain. I had tried stretching and being active but I never really helped.

On my first visit to renew, Tana showed me some specific stretches and movements that Aleve 70% of my chronic pain right off the bat!! I still have a little pain but I expect a full recovery soon with the tools Tana has shown me. Thank you!!” — David

I came in due to problems with back pain keeping me from doing activities that make me happy. Consultation and therapy from Renew allowed me to do confidently recover by dispelling fears I had about the pain I was feeling. I knew what the pain meant, so I could actively work to alleviate it. — Levin

I saw Sarah for a while focusing on strengthening and stretching and body alignment. It worked but then I started to have additional pain. She referred me to Megan so that I could try a different approach to this recurring shoulder neck pain Megan Work to release problem areas and my pain has lessened. I still haven’t really gotten back to regular activities but hoping it stays good. Thanks to everyone especially front desk people I’ve been patient and kind consistently. Thank you again — Marni

Working with Kyle and Kelly to get my knee back on track and running again was a pleasure every step of the way. They were great at answering any questions I had. Renews front desk staff are also the nicest in the biz! — Duncan

From the first visit the staff has been professional and happy go lucky. Billing and scheduling has been easy. Joe did a great job picking exercises that work for me and my recovery — Stephen

After improperly lifting something at work I would have sworn feeling a pop spring and half of my back seized up on me. Barely able to breathe or walk I need to call renew because they had done such a great job on my shoulder a few years earlier. I was overjoyed to get Candice again and very fortunate to be introduced to Kyle. He was able to undo my thoracic sprain in minutes which would have taken many hours of massage! I am grateful for their care, precision, and lots of fun!

Great location, great staff, management and a great boon to the community!

Thank you, Candice and Kyle, for getting me out of the light duty and back to heavy duty! — Craig

The therapists and staff at Renew Physical Therapy are top-notch for competence, skill, friendliness, and professionalism, and I highly recommend their services (…) and Megan is very skilled at manual therapy on scar tissue, which gained me a tremendous range of motion — Adrian

Prior to going to PT. I was honestly skeptical about how much it would help me because my knee pains were pretty severe whenever I ran or hiked. I was convinced I had something really serious going on, and that my issues couldn’t be fixed by PT. Erik put me on a Return to Run program, and now, more than halfway through the program, I’ve been able to run without pain (my knee used to hurt after running just a mile). (…) Highly recommend Renew and Erik! — Alyssa

“Before therapy, I can’t stand up for 5 minutes but right now I can stand up for 25 minutes and more. I get more stronger than before. I fell I am getting better just in walking is improving with daily exercise. Thank you Renew.” — Nazha

Joe gave me a series of dynamic exercises that greatly helped to stabilize my shoulder and increase my strength and mobility (…) I also received treatment for an irking knee injury and learned what I need to do to keep my knees in good condition for running. The staff is knowledgeable, genuine, and humorous, and although my injuries were a pain, coming to Renew was a pleasure. — Rian

The physical therapy at Renew was great been with them for years. They take their time and know what they are doing. — Evans

I was eager to start PT after surgery to repair my broken collarbone. Julie was very professional and attentive to my recovery. I appreciate how she focuses on me for the entire appointment, unlike other clinics where the therapist works with multiple clinics at the same time.

I feel like I have a 95% of my motion back, and I’m going to continue to do exercises to regain the full use of my arm and shoulder. — Jeffrey

My shoulder was giving me sharp pains that were almost crippling at times when I tried certain motions. The therapy I have received from Erin Has been helpful and I will utilize the exercises she provided to help maintain the progress I have made. — Susan

Kyle was super awesome to work with! — Marcus

I worked with Sarah and Jeanette to address the pain I was having in my neck and shoulders. I was having a hard time exercising and was experiencing frequent headaches. I am happy to say that I am back to light exercises using my upper body and the headaches are completely gone! — Katarine

Zahra has been great and shown me exercises that I can do on my own whenever I need to.

Front desk staff has been wonderful friendly and efficient. — Ursula

I was experiencing elbow and shoulder pain. With a focus on shoulder strengthening and flexibility but issues lessened I am back to full participation in weight training.

The tendon pain in my elbow flares occasionally with repeat emotion but is manageable. — Jill

Aaron has been amazing to work with! She was so knowledgeable, empathetic and patient with me as I work through her plan.

The exercises she prescribed me was a good logical progression and resulted in me being pain-free! — William

I arrived with shoulder stiffness and rib stiffness and a lot of health anxiety. Kyle was very patient with me and the program really helped within two weeks and after A month felt so much better. — Ryan

“Jackson was unable to straighten his arm after breaking his elbow. We were amazed at the progress he made and how quickly he was able to strengthen it. Amazing experience with amazing therapists! Candice and Sarah were so great!” -Sam (his father)

Great experience! I had a knee replacement and received wonderful care and encouragement from Joe and all the staff.

I have recommended renew physical therapy to friends. It is so much easier than driving up to the medical centers and the care of here feels more personal. Thank you! — Victoria

3/5 (2 Reviews)