The Pacific Northwest is a mecca for outdoor recreation and team sports of all levels- from youth T-ball to professional soccer to masters rowing clubs; Seattle and the greater area has it all. From mountains to Sound, the options are as limitless as are the ways to sustain injury. Injuries are an inherent risk that comes with any sport, and inevitably, even the best athlete is sidelined with an injury.  What’s important is that the injured athlete gets early medical attention and appropriate rehab. The better the care, the faster an athlete can get back to their game. With proper attention from an expert, an athlete can leave therapy with better strength, coordination, and control than before their injury. 

Consider Renew Physical Therapy for you or for your child’s sports injury. Our team of therapists is not only trained and experienced in coaching and treating athletes but most are also accomplished athletes who have seen their fair share of injuries. We understand the athlete mentality and the drive to get back out there. Our physical therapists work with athletes to assess muscle imbalance, flexibility, and special requirements of each sport. For example, a baseball pitcher may need a shoulder stabilization program due to instability or improper mechanics. A golfer can benefit from working with a PT certified to assess and correct a golf swing. Not only can our golf video assessment provide clues to how an overuse injury developed, but it also helps prevent further injury through neuromuscular reeducation. We are proud to have two accomplished ultra Frisbee athletes on staff who can treat muscular-skeletal injuries, progress strength, correct movement patterns with agility training, and perform a video gait analysis before discharge. Basketball and other team sports along with skiers and climbers may need speed and explosive strength programs with an emphasis on plyometrics to be safe and perform with confidence. Strength, agility, and plyometrics are part of all return-to-sport programs. 

A big focus of Renew PT is community outreach to youth teams and organizations with the goal of preventing injuries.  Our therapists with gymnastics backgrounds work closely at Seattle Gymnastics Academy in Columbia City to treat injured youth and advise coaches and parents in injury prevention.  We offer preventative knee injury classes for youth, especially young women who are most at risk for ACL injuries in field sports. These include video analysis and correction of jumps, lands, and lateral cutting. Renew also offers a bridge program called SHIFT. A patient who is cleared to return to sport can work with our strength and conditioning coaches to build a custom program to address any atrophy or deconditioning experienced during the time away from athletics. 

A knee injury is a common occurrence in many sports, but the return-to-sport rehab of the knee has to be custom-built around the specific injury, sport, and athlete. Renew therapists enjoy the challenge of rebuilding the athlete. No matter the sport or the injury, you are guaranteed the best care available at Renew. If you or someone you know is injured, give us a call. If you’re not sure if Renew is right for you, we offer free consultations. 

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