Last month, we shared information about Renew Physical Therapy’s Bike Fitting program and how it’s important to make adjustments to your posture, movement, and your bike for comfortable riding. 

This month, we are following up with strength training exercises to prepare your body for hours of riding. With strength training, you will increase the foundation of your power output, and increase the amount of force you’re able to use for each pedal.

Here are three strength training exercises that will get you prepared to ride for miles:

  • Single Leg Pedaling (on bike): This exercise focuses on the efficiency of your pedal stroke, ensuring that you are using both your quadriceps as well as your hamstrings and glutes to power your bike. To do this exercise, you’ll get on your bike and keep one foot off the pedal, and the other pedaling on a light to moderate gear. Work on making a smooth transition over the top of your pedal stroke through, and pulling back up on the pedal if you have clip in pedals or toe cages. Repeat this exercise with your other leg. 
  • Side Steps: Side steps work on hip abduction strengthening, which is the movement of your hip joint as your leg moves away from the midline of your body. This exercise is important for regular cyclists since the primary motion of cycling is in a single plane. By strengthening the outside of the hips, you can prevent future knee and back pain. For this exercise, you will need a resistance band around your knees or ankles. Start in a mini squat position and step out to your right side, increasing resistance on the band. Make sure that your toes are pointed forward and not out to the sides. Slowly bring in your left leg to meet with your right leg, keeping some resistance on the band. Be sure not to drag your foot. Repeat this movement, then switch legs by moving in the other direction. 
  • Forearm Planks: For this exercise, drop down to your elbows with your forearms resting on the ground and palms facing down. Extend your legs behind you, balance on the balls of your feet, and hold. Make sure to push your elbows down into the ground separating your shoulder blades slightly. With this exercise, you will be able to hold your body up more easily while cycling, increase your core strength, and stabilize your back, allowing you to decrease the amount of pressure on your shoulders and wrists.


If you are finding these exercises to be difficult, please contact Renew Physical Therapy about our Bike Fitting Program.

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