Hitting the slopes this winter? The Pacific Northwest is the home of beautiful Mount Rainier and will be the place for many Seattle skiers this year. As you prepare for ski season, we want to make sure your experience is fun and safe. Having the proper skiing stance will lessen the likelihood of skiing injuries.

Renew Physical Therapy shares 5 tips on the proper skiing stance:

  1. Legs: Legs should always be hip width apart to maintain your balance while allowing you to maneuver the skis.
  2. Upper Body & Head: Make sure your upper body and head is upright and steady. Leaning slightly toward the valley reduces the force in movement, however, leaning too much can cause you to lose your steering control.
  3. Ankles, Knees, Hips: Knees and other joints should be bent. Keeping a slight bent in your ankles, knees and hips will allow mobility and reduce injuries.
  4. Arms: Arms should also be bent and placed slightly forward, by your sides. This position allows you to properly use your poles.
  5. Bodyweight: Transferring your bodyweight is essential to correctly guide your movement. During the downhill, transfer your body weight slightly.
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