With summer coming to an end, fall sports are about to begin! As students prepare for school sports and collegiate players take the field, we want to remind all athletes about the importance of preparing your body for physical exercise. Sports can often lead to injuries, but with preparation, you can achieve pain-free peak-level performance. 

Renew Physical Therapy shares 3 tips to prepare for fall sports:

  1. Training: The best way to get ready for sports is to train. Make sure your program is specific for the sport you are playing. Endurance training, like running, can help improve sports performance.
  2. Warm-up: Warming-up is essential for injury prevention. Stretch, jog, or do some light exercises to prepare your muscles for strenuous activity. 
  3. Stay Healthy: To perform well, athletes need to be physically healthy. Eat well, train hard, and get enough rest. 

If you experience any sports-related injuries, receive quality attention through our Return to Sport program at Renew Physical Therapy.

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