Planning to hit the road this summer? As you map out your road trip, we want to make sure you stay safe and comfortable in your vehicle. Taking care of your body and practicing proper mechanics while sitting in the car will lessen the strain on long car rides. 

Renew Physical Therapy shares our tips to prevent road trip injuries:

  1. Stretch: Take a stretch before you get into the car. Stretching helps relieve tensions and keeps the blood circulating.
  2. Sitting Position: Make sure your knees and hips are straight. Doing this puts less pressure on your pelvis and lower spine. 
  3. Posture: Good posture takes practice! Place your back and shoulders firmly against the seat. For drivers, your seat should be positioned at about 100 degrees to prevent shoulder and back pain.
  4. Hand Position: Keeping your hands locked at the top of the steering wheel can cause shoulder aches. Switch your hand position from the top to the bottom of the wheel as needed.
  5. Take Breaks: Take a break every couple hours or when needed. Use this time to stretch, walk, and freshen up. If you experience any car-related injuries, contact us at Renew Physical Therapy!
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