Seattle summer has officially kicked off! For many, this means swimming to stay cool and road trips to explore our beautiful state of Washington. While these activities are fun, it is important to keep your body mechanics safe so you can keep doing the things you love all summer.

As you gather with friends and family over Independence Day or for a camping trip to Mount Rainier Park, Renew Physical Therapy shares tips to prevent injuries whether you are in the water or on the road.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a water sport or a motor vehicle accident injury, have them contact Renew Physical Therapy for a free consultation!

As we kick off summer, Tana Chiarelli, PT, DPT, of Renew Physical Therapy, shares her three tips to prevent injuries when swimming:

Swimming can be a great exercise that encompasses resistance trainingcardioendurance, and anaerobic and aerobic activity. Ideal for those with joint issues, swimming keeps the body uploaded and assisted by the buoyancy of water. By nature, swimming is a full body exercise that demands emphasis on breathing techniques and mindfulness.

Here are Tana’s three tips to prevent injuries when swimming:

  1. Pre-Warm-Up: Before you dive in, perform exercises like knees to chest, leg and butt kicks, arm circles, or side bend trunk stretch – this will activate your muscles to help prevent cramps.
  2. Swimming Warm-Up: Do 10 minutes of slow-paced swimming focusing on different aspects of the stroke. This includes reaching, pulling, kicking, and breathing.
  3. Maintaining Fitness: The best way to prevent injury is to keep your body healthy and strong. Maintain your core, shoulder, hip/leg strength and flexibility at shoulders, trunk, and hips to further prevent injuries. 
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