We’re Coming to Beacon Hill!

We have exciting news! Renew Physical Therapy is proud to announce the opening of our Beacon Hill location this month! We opened in 2012 with a mission to serve our community by providing individualized and consistent one-on-one care. With the support of our dedicated team and patients, we are now able to expand and continue […]

Top 6 Physical Therapy Myths during National PT Month

October is National Physical Therapy month, a time when physical therapists not only celebrate their profession, but also educate others about the role physical therapy plays in improving the health and vitality of their patients … and of health care in general.  While a physical therapist’s roles are both broad and diverse, several misconceptions still exist about what physical therapy is, what it […]

5 Exercises for Improving Balance, Preventing Falls

When we’re young, falls are treated as teaching opportunities. “Get back on your feet, brush yourself off and keep moving toward your goals,” we were told.  But as we age, falls take on a much greater significance. According to Seattle physical therapist Erik Norwood, when someone of advanced age falls, they tend to suffer greater distress to their health […]

Tips for Reducing, Managing Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Studies show about three-quarters of all Americans will experience foot pain at some point in their lives. Of them, more than 2 million people who seek treatment each year will learn they suffer from an overuse condition called plantar fasciitis.  Fortunately, most cases of plantar fasciitis are both manageable and treatable.  Plantar fasciitis will typically present itself as sharp pain in the heel or in the arch of the foot, most often […]

How to Talk Positively to Your Kids About Exercise

All kids need exercise. Stacks of scientific research through the years support the myriad ways exercise helps young bodies and minds as they develop and grow.  It’s important, then, for parents to encourage their children to be active and develop healthful habits as they grow and develop. During such conversations, however, setting a positive tone is paramount.  Learning the values of good fitness and nutrition should be a confidence-building exercise for kids and adolescents. Don’t […]

Moderate or Vigorous? Making Sense of Workout Intensity Levels

In 2018, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HSS) released a new set of exercise guidelines for people of all ages and stages in life. As Seattle physical therapist Erik Norwood notes, however, some of these HHS guidelines can be confusing, especially as they relate to exercise intensity.  “In the simplest of terms, intensity is the amount of […]

Jump into March Basketball Mindful of Jumper’s Knee

Jumper's Knee - Seattle Physical Therapy

As a large portion of the nation’s attention turns to the “March Madness” NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in the coming days, now is an ideal time to educate fans, young competitors and even blue-collar workers about an injury prevalent in jump-heavy activities: jumper’s knee. Among the most common injuries in sports, jumper’s knee is an […]

Recover Faster After Surgery with ‘Prehab’

The stronger you are before surgery, the stronger you’ll be after. That’s the philosophy behind prehabilitation (or “prehab”), the process of improving strength and functional capacity before surgery through a comprehensive and targeted exercise program – a process typically overseen by a physical therapist. “Prehab makes a huge difference in patients’ outcomes,” said Hal Crane, […]

Strength Training Critical for Active, Independent Aging

To the 43 million Americans who have low bone density, putting them at high risk of osteoporosis, Seattle physical therapist Erik Norwood has an important message: exercise is good medicine. But not just any exercise – weight-bearing, muscle-strengthening exercise.  “As people get older, bone density certainly becomes an issue for many people, which can lead to unexpected falls, broken bones […]

Rethinking back pain treatment paths during National Physical Therapy Month

While an estimated eight in 10 people will experience back pain at some point in their lives – up to 30 percent of Americans, in fact, over the past three months – few people actually get to the bottom of the cause of the pain.  This is a problem, says Seattle physical therapist Erik Norwood.  “When you don’t know […]