Are you a new graduate that’s job hunting this summer? As you navigate through this crucial phase, it’s important to seek advice from experienced professionals who have been in your shoes. We recently sat down with Megan Wong, physical therapist at Renew Physical Therapy in Hillman City, as she shares her insights for new grads seeking to start their professional career.


Megan Wong, PT


Q: From which physical therapy program did you graduate? How long have you been with Renew Physical Therapy?

A: The University of Washington. I have been with Renew Physical Therapy for 9 years.


Q: What is one piece of advice for the new graduates as they begin job hunting this summer?

A: Look for a physical therapist job that gives you job satisfaction, both tangible and intangible gains from the job, for longevity of your career.


Q: What makes Renew Physical Therapy a great place to work?

A: At Renew Physical Therapy, I have found a personable, supportive employer and team of coworkers. Everyone – the front desk staff, clinicians, the back office support teams of billing and managers – strives to make the hard work we do as physical therapists easier through collective decision-making processes informed by team member experiences.

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