Caitlin Cooney, PT, DPT
Jun Sung, PT, DPT


What led our newest physical therapists to choose Renew Physical Therapy, and how has this decision shaped their professional paths? We interviewed recent new hires, Caitlin Cooney, PT, DPT, from our clinic in Renton, and Jun Sung, PT, DPT, from our clinic in Beacon Hill to learn more. Caitlin and Jun share their perspectives on what drew them to Renew Physical Therapy, how the clinic has met their expectations, and the enriching journey of professional growth and fulfillment they’ve experienced in their roles.


What attracted you to Renew Physical Therapy, and how has it lived up to your expectations?

Caitlin: I was most attracted to the one-on-one care provided at Renew Physical Therapy. It has held true, and I really enjoy being able to offer my undivided attention to each patient. I form a plan prior to our appointment, but the one-on-one care offers me the ability to adjust our session partially or entirely, based on how they show up.

Jun: My goal was to primarily learn in an environment where it allows me to work with patients freely and provides me the opportunity to grow new clinical skills. So far, I am incredibly grateful for the mentorship I received since the start of the job.


How would you describe the work culture and environment?

Caitlin: Renew Physical Therapy in Renton is a laid-back, professional environment. I like that there are areas to work in the open gym, and areas to treat patients in private treatment rooms based on the best fit. The company as a whole seems to value collaboration, learning and sharing from each other.

Jun: The environment is primarily busy. However, my colleagues around me have been supportive with great advice in helping me grow as a clinician.


Have you had opportunities for professional development or continuing education within the clinic?

Caitlin: I’ve been provided with time for continuing education which has helped me to progress my clinical decision-making and manual skills. I have been able to shadow two physical therapists with a bike fitting, which I’m looking forward to offering as well!

Jun: I have currently signed up for continuing education courses in the fall, and I’m currently taking a class online in regards to functional movement sciences.


How has Renew Physical Therapy supported you in terms of resources, training, and mentorship?

Jun: Renew Physical Therapy allowed me to grow and learn in a clinic first before diving deep with patient care. The mentorship and training that I received through my site manager and clinical education coordinator allowed me to take time with processing most of the logistical side of the clinic as well as what to expect as a clinician in an outpatient setting. I remember asking many questions to my manager in approaching different patient populations and cases. I felt very comfortable in this approach due to how receptive she was in helping me.


What aspects of your work at Renew Physical Therapy do you find most fulfilling?

Caitlin: I am most fulfilled by working with patients and having an emphasis on continued education in the clinic and company as a whole. I am fulfilled by getting to know my colleagues, and experiencing the onboarding support.

Jun: Learning more about my patients, and helping them restore their functional movements are the most fulfilling parts of my work.


Any key insights or lessons you’ve learned during your first few months at Renew Physical Therapy?

Jun: I’ve learned to be more responsible about the plan of care of each patient and see how every discharge process will be reflected. I also learned to approach different patients with an open mindset in order to make them feel comfortable through matching their personalities, and reflecting their own goals.


What is one piece of advice you would give to someone considering a physical therapist position at Renew Physical Therapy?

Jun: Come with an open mind to learn and grow. Stay humble and never be afraid to ask questions whenever you feel stumped in a case.


Renew Physical Therapy is currently hiring for passionate physical therapists to join our teams in Seattle (Hillman City/Columbia City, Beacon Hill) and Renton. If you’re ready to elevate your career in physical therapy and be part of a supportive community that values continued education, one-on-one patient care, competitive pay, and a positive work environment without double booking appointments, visit our website today to learn more and apply at

Your journey to impactful patient care and personal growth starts here at Renew Physical Therapy!


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