Do you play any fall sports or know someone who does? Every sport comes with the risk of injury, which is why Renew Physical Therapy started its Return to Sport Program to help get athletes back to doing the sports and activities they love. The Return to Sport program is built to improve an athlete’s strength, coordination, and control after experiencing an injury. Whether you play volleyball, football, soccer, or another sport, let our team at Renew Physical Therapy provide you with the best care to get you competing better than before.

Here are three things you should know about Renew Physical Therapy’s Return to Sport program:

  1. Physical Therapists That Are Athletes: Our team gets you! Renew Physical Therapy’s team of therapists are not only trained and experienced in coaching and treating athletes, but most are also accomplished athletes who have seen their fair share of injuries.
  2. Assessing Your Injury: Renew physical therapists work with athletes to pinpoint the injury, and will assess muscle imbalance, flexibility, and special requirements suitable for each sport.
  3. Building a Custom Treatment Plan: Our approach to treatment is custom to the specific injury, sport, and athlete. Strength, agility, and plyometrics are part of all return-to-sport programs.

If you or someone you know is injured from a sport-related injury, give Renew Physical Therapy a call and ask us about our Return to Sport program.


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