Left image: Washington artist, Vincent Keele’s, Living Free mural at Renew Physical Therapy on Orcas Street in Hillman City. Right image: Vincent Keele, artist (left), Erik Norwood, owner of Renew Physical Therapy (middle), and Troy R. Miles, Vincent’s friend (right), stands in front of the new Living Free mural at Renew Physical Therapy in Hillman City.


Thanks to artist Vincent Keele, a fantastic mural now graces Renew Physical Therapy’s clinic in Hillman City! Vincent, his friend Troy R. Miles, and the Hillman City Art Commission have collaborated with Erik Norwood, owner of Renew Physical Therapy, to bring a unique and captivating feature on Orcas Street.


Vincent approached Erik about his idea to paint a mural for Renew Physical Therapy. With the support of the Hillman City Art Commission, Vincent wanted to add a touch of local culture to the neighborhood by transforming the building into a canvas of creativity. Erik was immediately hooked on the idea, envisioning a mural that would represent the community of people and their active lifestyles, and inspire everyone to reach for their goals.


Vincent took Erik’s vision and transformed it into a mural titled Living Free, that is now proudly displayed on the clinic’s Orcas Street side, painted with vibrant colors and details that capture the spirit of Hillman City.


Living Free serves as a celebration of active living and the significance of physical well-being,” says Erik Norwood. 


“It portrays a diverse range of individuals engaging in various physical activities, showcasing the inclusive nature of the community. It reminds everyone that Renew Physical Therapy isn’t just about rehabilitation, but also about empowering people to lead active and fulfilling lives.”


Next time you find yourself in the neighborhood, be sure to swing by Renew Physical Therapy and admire our new mural that captures the spirit of our community!

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