Back-to-School Body Mechanics

Summer is almost over, and back-to-school is just around the corner! As students of all ages get ready for the fall, we want to ensure you know the proper body mechanics to stay healthy during those long school days. Whether you are in the carpool lane with your kids, or a student yourself, taking care […]

5 Exercises for Improving Balance, Preventing Falls

When we’re young, falls are treated as teaching opportunities. “Get back on your feet, brush yourself off and keep moving toward your goals,” we were told.  But as we age, falls take on a much greater significance. According to Seattle physical therapist Erik Norwood, when someone of advanced age falls, they tend to suffer greater distress to their health […]

Parents: Be Aware of the Signs of Sports Injuries

As student-athletes train over the summer, preparing to head back to the practice fields later this season, injuries are going to happen. Despite concerted efforts to reduce and prevent sports injuries, it’s impossible to eliminate them from sports.  So in order to ensure injuries are diagnosed and treated quickly, before they worsen, it’s paramount parents and […]

Seattle Wellness: Positive Attitude Reaps Healthful Rewards

“Mind over matter” may seem a bit cliché when it comes to health and science, but in Erik Norwood’s world, a positive attitude plays an undeniable role in reaching and maintaining optimal health.  Owner and physical therapist at Renew Physical Therapy in Seattle, Norwood has witnessed numerous success stories, from clients overcoming chronic pain issues to those achieving full range of motion […]

Mind your back(pack) during back-to-school

From homework and tests to extra-curricular activities, students already shoulder plenty of weight during back-to-school time. Their backpacks should be the least of their worries.  Unfortunately, due to the lack of awareness or simple disinterest (or both), backpacks can pose a health risk to kids and students of all ages.  “Wearing a backpack incorrectly or wearing one that’s […]

Exercise Caution During Summer Workouts

While many relish the opportunity to take both play and exercise outdoors as the weather continues to warm, Seattle physical therapist Erik Norwood reminds us that beneficial exercise comes with an added level of risk when done in the summertime heat and humidity. “Heat adds an extra level of stress to the body as you […]

Positive Attitude Reaps Healthful Rewards

Is your glass half full? Do the clouds that fly above your world all have silver linings? Can you manage to find positive twists among life’s messiest entanglements? Then congratulations. According to health care experts throughout the world – from cardiologists, oncologists and gerontologists to physical therapists – your relentlessly positive attitude has you on […]

Exercise May Improve Your Memory & Mood

Orthopedic professionals such as physicians and physical therapists often refer to the human body’s kinetic chain – the notion that all bones, joints and “links” are connected, and that movement in one area can affect function in all areas. While not officially part of the kinetic chain, it turns out the human brain is affected […]